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Infrastructure Management

As A Service

The Go-To Partner For Your General IT Support Needs


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The Perfect Balance Between Fully and Partially Outsourced General IT Support

Let us handle the dirty work so you can get back to what’s important, running your business.

The cherry on top to this all you can eat buffet. Monitoring, Patching,  and Antivirus are also areas of our expertise and we can roll this out for you in a turnkey style package.


With realtime monitoring we know we stay proactive with catching any errors and applying fixes before they become critical. There’s no downtime with us.


Physical Resources Thresholds

  • CPU
  • Mem
  • Hard Drive
  • General Hardware Alerts
  • Software (Whitelist, Blacklist, Asset Tracking)


Logical Resources Monitors

  • Processes
  • Services
  • Event History

Your software and systems will always be up to date, plus, we will apply these patches as they go live so you always get the most up to date version as soon as it happens. We do this in the background so you’re never disrupted.



  • Maintenance periods for all workstation/server alerts
  • Groups for less downtime and ease of management
  • Forced compliance/security

Your organization needs top of the line defense now more than ever. We partner with the strongest antivirus there is so your organization can’t be penetrated by outside threats.



  • Webroot
    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Scans
    • Exclusions for Apps
    • Auto-remediation / Reporting
    • Policy Building

There’s A Reason Why Organizations Pick Us Over The Competition

Why change vendors every couple of years due to incompetence and lack of due diligence from the vendor? Do it once and never again, build a partnership that’ll last a lifetime.

Infrastructure Management as a Service

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure




Blue Star Technology provides general IT support expertise in functional services, operational capabilities and work processes which allow your business to operate more efficiently, safely and profitably.

Reduced Space: No worrying about clutter from networking gear and racks. Now you can use your space for other needs.

Reduce phone expenses: VoIP costs less than traditional phone lines and removes the need for onsite routing equipment and maintenance.

What Else Do You Have?

We’re Glad You Asked

Go Green!

You save so much money on power and cooling costs.

Advanced Features

Online call monitoring and phone system access improves communication capabilities.

Always Up To Date

Never worry about any of your software and hardware being out of date ever again.


Responsive IT at a sustainable cost

Training and/or mentoring for IT teams

Upgrades to the IT function and its capabilities

IT metrics, SLA’s and best practices implementation

Assistance with IT management to fill gaps in expertise (SILOS)

Vendor Management

Identify and eliminate vendors who are not benefiting the business

Consolidate vendors to simplify process

Improve relationships with existing vendors


Improved knowledge of own IT system

Transparency and peace of mind regarding IT issues

We Got The Tools That No One Else Have

Still Not Convinced?

Technology Assessment

Blue Star Technology offers a free technology assessment to new clients allowing us to demonstrate our capabilities and how implementing our services will provide many features and benefits to a business.

Faster Server Provisioning

Provide your business units with near instant-on capacity. Server virtualization enables adaptable capacity to provide system provisioning and distribution at a moment’s notice.


VoIP allows staff to call directly from mobile phones. Easier tracking: The entire system can be managed from a computer.

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